21st-Century Marketing: Do We Still Need The 4Ps?

In a digital age where marketing is all about customer-centricity, how important are the old 4Ps? 20th-century marketing gave us the "4Ps model" of advertising: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. This was a good strategy for using mass media as tools to reach out to more specific target audiences. Consumers in the last century were informed of product and service news through television, radio, and print media. None of these communications tools offered the ability for direct contact between brands and consumers, and marketing messages were strictly one-way, without any meaningful channel for consumer feedback. Customer-Centricity Rising Bob Lauterborn made the first serious assault on the 4Ps in 1990. In a meaningful article that appeared in Advertising Age, he argued that it was

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Outlet Store

Instructions to Find Makeup Outlet Stores

Cosmetics Outlet Stores can be marvelous spots to discover cosmetics deals. However beautifiers organizations don't appear to do a lot to promote or advertise these hotspots for ceased beauty care products and overload cosmetics. Beauty care products Company Outlet or CCO Outlet This is the outlet store that gets the a great many people talking. It's more broadly known than most different brands. CCO Outlet is claimed by Estee Lauder and that organization possesses the majority of the make up brands that a significant number of us worship when we visit strength stores like Sephora and Ulta. Truth be told, Estee Lauder possesses MAC Cosmetics notwithstanding others like Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Smashbox, and has claimed Stila and some other top of the line extravagance restorative brands

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Silver Jewelry Items Are Easy to Find and More Affordable Than You Think

Silver jewelry is gaining in popularity and there are now so many online stores that sell this type of jewelry that it’s all but impossible not to get something you love. Almost everyone loves jewelry and whether you’re looking for rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, researching these items online makes it much easier to find what you want. Of course, you can also get specialized jewelry such as wedding bands and engagement rings and viewing full-color photographs of the items makes your jewelry buying even more exciting. Best of all, many stores offer both standard and custom-made silver jewelry, which means that they are continuously coming out with new items for you to fall in love with. Jewelry That Makes You Happy Beautiful silver jewelry can come plain or with gems, beads, an

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