List of Designer Engagement Rings

Engagement rings haven’t always been all about the diamond. In the 1700s, simplistic rings were fashionable throughout Europe, while over in England, men were thought to have given thimbles to their brides-to-be (though women often cut off the tops and wore them as an engagement rings). Fast-forward to 1947 and the De Beers’s famous slogan hit the marketplace “A diamond is forever”. When you choose the ring you have to consider the cut, colour, carat and clarity of the diamond but ultimately it comes down to finding something that you know your fiance will love. Below is a list of some stunning Designer Engagement Rings to help spark inspiration. Tiffany & Co. Arguably the most famous of all jewellery brands, Tiffany & Co. was founded by two gentlemen called Charles L.

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A Good Swiss Army Knife Serves Many Important Functions

Army knives are popular because they contain just about everything you need to open cans, file things, and cut various items, and because they come in a variety of sizes and colours, it is easy to find one that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional and useful. The knives can contain just a few attachments or a lot of them that make your life a lot easier, and if you love to camp or spend time in the great outdoors, they are the perfect item to bring along with you. Many of the companies that make these knives make them in all different colours as well, and some will even personalise the knives so that you can include a name or a message on them to make them even more valuable. Army knives can be blue, red, yellow, black, or white, and some even come in designs that include flowe

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